4 — 10 September 2018

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Natural Pools of La Codosera

Badajoz - Spain

La Codosera is located next to Portugal, northwest of the province of Badajoz, about 60 kilometers from the capital, bordering Cáceres to the north.

The relative proximity to the sea, the rugged relief and the presence of numerous water courses allows La Codosera and its surroundings to have a relatively mild climate.

In these wonderful frontier lands, the visitor will find an exuberant nature, a rich cultural and traditional heritage, the peaceful pace of the rural environment and, especially, the kindness and hospitality of its people that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Active Tourism: There are 6 signposted routes in La Codosera for hiking and cycling that take place through beautiful and recondite landscapes.
The Natural Pools of the Gévora river and its camping area offer the visitor crystal clear waters, freshness and greenery. In the autumn, fans of mycology will be able to delight the eyes and palate with the wide variety of mushrooms, and in spring the fishing of trout and other species attracts many visitors.