4 — 10 September 2018

Natural Pools of La Codosera

Badajoz - Spain


Agneton live, shot by Rodolpho Morais


Shot by ISIS Ra, 2017

 Connection wants to go further with expectations in 2018, solving problems of the past and making a new festival with the same spirit. That's why, we started doing a better Connection and grow one initiative that makes it not only a music festival. 7 days in relationship with nature in a real heaven, where art in all of it forms is flowing in the enviroment , doing it a magic and unforgettable place.

Our psychedelia concept is the “Old School” and we still bet for it. Connection Festival will be a 7 Days time machine. The past, present and Future will be there, and you will lose the concept of time!!

Children are welcome! As we have always done in Connection, we bet on the future and we want our children to see and experience the party as something natural and intrinsic to the human being ... The need to be happy and uninhibited in a natural environment, far from the daily routine. .. In a real Amusement Park where adults play and they watch them happy !!!

For your enjoyment we will have Children Area with activities for the little ones and baby sitter accompanying them until the light goes away and they have to go to rest.

Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them. Children's entrance is free.

Connection Festival, 2016


Canopy sculptures by Mimesis crew